The Realm of Serion has RIP graphics! Connect to the BBS using a RIP capable client such as Syncterm or RIPterm to view RIP on the BBS.

RIP or RIPscrip (Remote Imaging Protocol) is a system designed for sending vector graphics and UI elements over low bandwidth connections created by TeleGrafix Communications. RIP was designed to enhance BBSes and other applications using a vector drawn UI. As RIP became available to BBSes in the 90's, the Internet became much more popular, ultimately causing RIP to be rarely adopted among BBSes and development of RIPscrip to cease.

Though RIP is somewhat limited in its functionality, it is able to function well enough for BBS menus. The RIP graphics on this BBS have been developed and tested against: RIPTerm 1.54 for DOS, RIPtel 3.1 for Windows and Syncterm 1.2a (nightly build)

The Realm of Serion is one of the few BBSes in the world with RIP graphics compatible with RIPscrip 1.0. That means any RIP client will work, including RIPTerm 1.54.

ClientBBS RIP SupportLORD RIP SupportLink
RIPterm 1.54YesYesDownload
RIPTel 3.1YesNO
Syncterm 1.2aYesYesOfficial Site

RIPterm 1.54 has a convenient download option. Simply download the ZIP file, unzip to a desired location and launch RIPterm. This client has a preconfigured address book and is preloaded with LORD RIP capabilities!

Syncterm 1.2a (nightly build) offers experimental RIP support that works quite well. Setting Syncterm up for LORD RIP support isn't easy, unfortunately.

Syncterm RIP Setup Instructions

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