LORD Legend of the Red Dragon Tournament

Join us and play LORD Legend of the Red Dragon!

We regularly host a game tournament on the BBS and offer prizes to the winner.

Legend Of The Red Dragon TOURNAMENT 4.06 - Player Rankings
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Tournament Rules
  • ONE account only. The BBS will notify the sysop of users with the same IP address. Playing with more than one account is fine for other games, but NOT the tournament.
  • No cheating. Jennie codes are fine, but exploiting the game in a way it was not designed in order to advance your character is not allowed.
  • 3 Heroic Deeds! Beat the dragon 3 times and you're the winner!
  • Bank transfers are off. This is set to discourage teaming up in an unfair way.
  • IGMs are off for tournament play.
  • We have been fortunate to have a friendly and positive atmosphere on the BBS. Please be kind to other players.
Prize Rules
  • We will make our best effort to ship the prizes to the winner's location. United States and Canada shipping only as international shipping and duties often far exceed the prize value. For international winners, we can (and have) work out a different virtual prize.
  • Tournament winners can collect prizes one time. So, if the same player wins again, the prizes would go to the closest runner up that has not collected prizes as long as that player has 2 dragon kills (Veteran rank).
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