Usurper BBS Door Game


This classic is a fantasy game with fast paced action, violence and instant death. The game has only one purpose: to give you a good time without the need of reading lengthy documentation. You can actually enter the game and go berserk right away! However, you can consider reading the instructions and perhaps learn something that can keep you alive for a while!

Shortcuts to Success

* Are you the type of player who wants to achieve faster progress than the normal monster and team bashings can result in?
* Are you the type of player who can do almost anything just to beat the others?
* Are you willing to risk everything in these attempts?

If you answered yes to all of the questions above you should read further. If you answered no to one or more of the questions : why not read this anyway?

First of all, there are good and evil acts that can give you experience and money. They can, of course, give you pain and death as well. Most important of all, though, they influence your soul. Every bad act darkens your soul, and every good lightens it. Swinging either side over the limit will give you some unpredictable and sometimes fatal consequences. Some races can withstand good or evil better than others, and can therefore benefit longer.

Usurper is not a normal and restricted Fantasy game. It includes some more modern features too. Ever heard of drugs and steroids? Well, here they are. There are many different types of drugs in this game. They all have two things in common though. Firstly, they send you into dreamland where you can receive hallucinated experiences which add to your earlier experience. Drugs also increase your addiction to narcotics. You should be very careful not to turn into a junkie, cause if you start to stuff yourself full with drugs every session, you'll soon enter your final dreamland. Keep an eye on your -Drug Addict- parameter and also remember that drugs occasionally give you bad trips, or can even kill you with an overdose...

Steroids will not give you any experience. They will, however, give you what you are always going to need in these kind of games : MUSCLES. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to crack those enemy bones just as easy as you pull the wings of a fly? Well, buy some steroids and you will (never) regret yourself. Steroids comes in many different types. The results on your body will show at once! Just keep an eye on your -Mental Stability- parameter. It will show when you're about to crack. And please try not to fool yourself with these pills. Psychos are not treated kindly in this game.

Good Luck in Your Quest!