Tradewars 2002

TradeWars 2002 is an interactive Online game in which you are placed in a galaxy as a 'Trader' and your objective is to become as successful as possible. In TradeWars 2002, you try to begin by trading commodities, which in this game are: Fuel Ore, Organics and Equipment. Fuel Ore is the cheapest, and Equipment is the most expensive. Organics is always somewhere in between. You are allocated a certain number of turns each time you play (each day hopefully) to which you can explore and trade and so forth in the currently 1000 sector galaxy. Moving from one sector to another takes one turn, and do not expect for sector 10 to lead to sector 11 to lead to sector 12 and so forth. The galaxy is very random. Sector 5 may lead to many sectors including sector 730 for example. There are some sectors that have one warp in and one warp out. Some sectors may be warped into by one sector, and out by another, as to have a different entrance and exit sector. Example: you could warp from sector 221 to sector 73, and then find that the only way out of 73 is through sector 596, and not sector 221. You will see when you logon for the first time what I am talking about. You should of course understand that TradeWars 2002 is a long term and time consuming endeavor if you wish to be at all a worthwhile player.

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