The Pit

In the Tavern
A lot of interesting things happen in the tavern, most of them unpleasant.
And some of the events can be encouraged by the players.

Thieves and Brawls
Just walking into the tavern makes the players a target for clever little
halfling thieves. When one of these thieves tries to steal from a player,
you will see a rapidly moving bar appear on the screen. The player's
objective is to press any key at the exact moment the moving bar meets the
yellow line.

If he's fast enough, he can catch the thief and not get robbed.

The exact same thing applies when a player gets in a brawl. If he can hit
the bar in time, he gets to keep his weapons.

The Virtues of Beer
In the tavern, the players can meet two very important individuals: the
Wizard, and the Assassin.

All they have to do to meet them is drink beer. For each Gold Piece worth
of alcohol the drink, they increase their chance of meeting someone by 3
percent. But remember, once they drink 30 gold pieces worth of alcohol,
they pass out and have all of their possessions stolen.

So the best thing to do is to drink the cheapest liquor available to
increase your percentage without adding much to the 30 gold piece cutoff.
Thus, the best way to meet the Wizard or the Assassin is to drink beer.

Meeting the Wizard
If the player makes a successful roll after drinking some beer, a window
may pop up of an old man offering to sell the player a magic weapon. If
the player has enough gold in hand, he can purchase the item.

Don't tell the players, but the Wizard always sells legitimate items.

Meeting the Assassin
The players may also get invited to follow a man in black robes. If they
accept there's a 5 percent chance they'll be killed, but if they live
they'll be able to hire an Assassin to kill another player. As long as
they have the gold on hand.

Once the assassin has been hired, the targeted player will be in combat
with him as soon as he logs on.

The Dark Avenger
Being the most powerful player on The Pit is not all wine and roses. Once
the best player on the game gets above 10th level there's a 5 percent
chance each time he logs on that he will be attacked by a mirror image of
himself known as The Dark Avenger.

As if he didn't have enough to worry about.

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