Planets - The Exploration of Space
Planets - The Exploration of Space

(Planets: TEOS) is a space role playing game. You play as a trader in a galaxy with many other players who seek to gain control of a limited amount of resources and make money by selling or trading for other resources. Use your wealth to upgrade your spaceship with better weapons and armor, or even purchase more vessels and attain an armada. With your forces, take control of planets and starbases. Those with the most power are lords of the galaxy!

It is a space oddessy that allows players to shape the game like no other.

ANSI games are becoming a relic of the past - falling to new graphically oriented games and BBS clients, but there is still something magical about how simple and complex a text game can be when inside a world that allows you to take player interaction to the max.

* Supports 200 players.
* Multinode interactive (some options only appear when 2+ are playing!)
* Team play - up to 10 players per 'cartel'. Up to 200 teams
* Support for team allys - up to 20
* Support for up to 99 planets
* Up to 32,000 ship types, comes with 16
* Player, World, Ship, NPC editors are inside PLANCFG.EXE! (note: a registered game is required to change values)
* Support for most drop files
* Copy setup from LORD option (if you can run LORD, you can run this)
* own planets and get daily reports, taxes, news
* be good (Alliance), evil (Maraken) or neutral
* Alliance and Maraken each have a home planet and base players can land on
* Comprehensive player and team rankings
* Players can see if their teamates have played yet today/how much
* In game email of unlimited length
* 'mass team mailing'
* `%Sansi `2color `%codes!!
* Players can customize their planets after they own them
* IGM Support! Each planet can have up to 8 IGM's. Players must be on the planet to see 'em
* "Game Info" feature shows players what the settings are, what IGM's are installed and where they are. (unless the IGM tells TEOS not to)
* Smart NPC's that have custom texts, stats, likes and dislikes and remembers every encounter with every player they meet. NPC's can be edited and added
* IGM's are strictly controlled - because IGM authors use the TEOS Kit, you know they will be compatible - PLUS extras like all IGM's can handle mail and communication all automatically (new!)
* Players can put chatwalls up on their own planets
* Players can pretty much have the time of their lives
* New flavors including new Planets, Item Settings, Ships, Enemies and Gossip files are/will be available for download for a unique game, or just make your own!
* Actually fun to play! <-- The most important feature

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