Operation Overkill 2

Operation: Overkill Scenario
The Time.... 2060 A.D.
The Place... Planet Earth

It had been a time of terror -- one that had become known as the great
turning point of history.

After a vast nuclear war on Earth, the Human race was nearly wiped out.
HRadiation loomed over the continents and absorbed into the vast oceans.
The water supply, which covered more than 3/4ths of the planet, became
contaminated. Quickly, the remaining population contributed in converting
the remaining water supply into "water crystals". These new crystals
were protected from any form of contamination due to atomic structure.
The money system collapsed and soon became useless. Water crystals soon
became the only source of bartering.

Meanwhile, other inner space planets were in the process of developing
their own civilizations -- one planet in particular, Hydrania. However,
Hydrania lacked a major environmental resource in order to become a power-
house of the galaxy, an abundant water supply. With Earth in its weakened
position, Hydrania seized the opportunity to attack. Overkill, the
commander of Hydrania, led the merciless invasion on Earth. His soldiers,
known as Hydrites, attempted to collect the remaining water crystals.

In retaliation, the remaining survivors of Earth formed a small alliance,
the HX Force. The alliance managed to hide their water crystals deep
below Earth's surface and fend off several Hydrite regiments. However,
the HX Force was overrun by Hydrites and eventually defeated. During this
attack, the Hydrites managed to capture over twenty million water crystals
and return to Hydrania for decrystalization. Luckily, Overkill was unable
to capture Earth's entire water crystal supply.

What remains now for the few Humans on Earth is a hidden complex stationed
in an unknown terrain. Here, the survivors are protected from the dangers
of the surrounding environment. In order to stay alive, however, these
people must venture out into wastelands to search for food and find the
remaining water crystals. But, still lingering throughout the wastelands
are the Hydrites, also seeking the remaining water crystals. Other mutants
have crawled into existence from the horrifying radiation effects. They
too, as well as other creatures, are striving for survival -- the survival
of the fittest.

For the remaining survivors, the primary goal is to locate the dreaded
Overkill commander and exterminate him. However, the hard part is merely


Character Information
The character configuration consists of the following attributes:

Strength (STR):
Strength is primarily the ability to exert force - especially during
combat. The greater your strength, the more damage you will be able to
inflict in combat. Strength also increases the number of items you are
able to carry in your backpack.

Dexterity (DEX):
Dexterity refers to manual dexterity and general agility. The greater
your dexterity, the more effective you will be in combat. Dexterity
also gives you speed and sense of direction when running.

Hit Points (HPs):
Hit Points are the most important of all attributes. A player is
considered deceased if his/her hit points equal zero or below. When
viewing a player's status, the first number for hit points is their
current value. The second number is the maximum amount of hit points.

Radiation (RAD):
This attribute displays the percentage of radiation contamination for
a player. A radiation factor of over 50% will prohibit a player from
re-entering the Complex from the wastelands. In hand-to-hand combat,
the player is affected from the opponent's radiation factor (and vice-
versa). If the radiation percentage of a player reaches over 70%, the
radiation will start to harshly affect the body. Hit points will begin
to permanently diminish.

Experience (EXP):
Experience Points are awarded for efforts a player accomplishes. The
most effective way of gaining experience is by killing monsters, among
other miraculous feats. Players may also gain experience points by
participating in the Games Room of the Barracks. After raising a level,
returning to the Complex and visiting the Training Room will increase
player attributes.

Level (LVL):
Level 0 = 0 \
Level 1 = 1,000 \
Level 2 = 2,000 ]
Level 3 = 4,000 ]
Level 4 = 8,000 ]
Level 5 = 16,000 ] Experience points double for each level.
Level 6 = 32,000 ]
Level 7 = 64,000 ]
Level 8 = 128,000 /
Level 9 = 256,000 _/
Level 10 = 406,000 \
Level 11 = 556,000 ] Experience points increase by 150,000
Level 12 = 706,000+ _/ for each level.

Once a player has reached the needed experience points for a particular
level, he/she will need to train in the Recruit Chambers. The player
will then receive an attribute bonus of four points to add to either
Strength, Dexterity, or Hit Points. A water crystal bonus is also awarded.


Main Hall:
The first area of the Complex is known as the Main Hall. This is the
common intersection which leads to the other areas of the building.
From here, you may enter the B)arracks, C)ommunications Room, or the
H)ead Quarters. To log-off, simply press the '*' key from Main Hall.

The Barracks is a room which all recruits take shelter. Here,
they rest/sleep while not on-line.

The B)ank Storage command allows players to deposit, withdraw, loan,
or transfer crystals to another player's account.

The C)heck command can be used to view your character's attributes.

The G)ames Room is a place where players can leisurely relax by playing
games or visiting the Bar.

With the R)ecruit Chambers, you have the following options:

│ Recruit Chambers
-[A] Adjust Specs
-[C] Check Status
-[M] Morgue Listing
-[R] Roster Status
-[T] Training Room
-[U] Use Equipment
-[V] View Recruit
-[*] Exit to Barracks

Players can A)djust their specifications, which include the toggling
of Expert mode on/off, changing passwords, erasing their player,
toggling Ansi color on/off, setting combat delay speeds, and toggling
combat modes Action/Random.

C)heck Status views your character's status.

M)orgue lists the names of the deceased and total body count.

R)oster Log lists the players in the game and their general locations.

In the T)raining Room, players may inquire about the required
experience points for the next level or raise their attributes after
increasing a level via experience points.

Players may U)se their Equipment in the Recruit Chambers by
selecting this function. Not all items are usable inside of the
Complex, however (ie: aerial scanner, thumpers, trikorders, etc.)

V)iew Recruit prints out the status of another specified player if
│ they are in the Complex.

The S)entry Guard command lets you see the Sentry Post and the Guard,
if one exists. You can offer items to an active Guard, view his status,
upgrade his robot model, or purchase a new Guard. The Sentry Guard is
an important factor in protecting the Complex from raids from Hydrites
who often attack; stealing crystals, raiding the Supply Room, and the
occasional kidnapping of players.

The W)astelands function allows you to venture out into the wastelands.

Communications Post:
The Communications Post handles all message reading, writing, and private
E-mail. Communication is a necessity for survival.

The E)lectronic Mail function allows players to write/read personal and
private messages to another player.

The F)rontier Log is a report of recent activity for the game, including
daily maintenance and information on Hydrite raids.

The P)ost Message option lets players write a public message to the main
message board, called the HX-909 frequency.

R)eading Messages displays the public messages that have been written by
other players or foreign transmissions. The message numbers range from
1 to 50.

The main control room of the Complex is the Head Quarters.
The I)nformation Cabinet contains several different articles concerning
the overview of OOII. Also, a bulletin can be read or the logon news
can be reviewed.

In the M)edical Center, you may U)se a Medical Kit to heal a character's
hit points. You may also neutralize your player's radiation factor
by entering the R)adiation room. The D)isease Department is used to
N)eutralize or V)accinate any diseases that a player may acquire in the

The R)ecords Room has the latest and greatest statistics of categories
such as Players with Total Ability, Most Experienced, Combat Accuracy,
Bravery, Total combined attributes, Squadron standings, and Hall-of-Fame.

The S)upply Room offers weapons, ammunition/power, armor, and equipment
that a player may buy or sell. An option of I)nventory is a feature
that allows you to look up information on a particular piece of equipment.

In the T)eams/Squadrons menu, you may create Squadrons (teams), join other
Squadrons, list the Squadrons and leaders, etc.


Wastelands Information
The wastelands, accessed through the Barracks gate, is a perilous vast of
doom where many have ventured and few have returned. The following infor-
mation has been gathered and revised by members of the HeXonium Force as
a general information guide to all recruits.

The only equipment players start out with is a built-in monitoring system.
This monitoring system displays the surrounding terrain of the wastelands
and shows the positioned (X,Y,MapLevel) coordinates. For new recruits,
a Steel Chain should be purchased for the first weapon and costs only 700
water crystals. It is also suggested to purchase Medpacks and Rations
before venturing into the wastelands.

Not much is known about the mutants of the wastelands, but various
recruits have witnessed many different monstrosities. Be sure you
view your opponents before engaging combat. You always have the right
to choose not to fight. If you are ever unsure about whether you should
fight a creature, run like hell instead! Do not let your Hit Points drop
below 10 before trying to escape from an entanglement. If you find
yourself in a situation where your hit points do drop below 5, your best
bet would be to surrender to your opponent. Always carry more than five
crystals in the wastelands to offer to your opponents in case you may need
to surrender.

If you dare to go into the deeper levels of the map levels (a total of
five levels), you will need to acquire a Hemp Rope and locate a hole that
leads down. Holes are marked as "@v" on the Infrared Scanner. Beware
that once you go down a hole, it might not be there when you want to go
back up! Beware of misleading traps!

You may build Bases for the cost of 100,000 water crystals. They can
protect you from other players and be used as a treasure hold for supplies.
Many strategies incorporate with Bases, for example, building Bases to
charge rent from other players, fortifying a hole, or to prevent the
Hydrites from kidnapping you from the main Complex. Telepods offer instant
teleportation between Bases, however, the Bases must be within a specific
range to be teleported to and from. It has also been rumored that one
can teleport anywhere from a Base telepod, but beware of teleporting into
unsafe terrain.

Sentry Guard:
The Sentry Guard is the Complex's personal protection from any evil the
Hydrites might have in store for you. This subhuman robot stands guard
at the Barracks Sentry outpost, awaiting for a Hydrite raid on the Complex.
Recruits may give crystals and supplies to the Sentry Guard to keep him
well-armed and healthy. If the Sentry Guard is overrun by a Hydrite raid,
the Hydrites can steal from the Storage Bank, kidnap recruits, and cutoff
equipment from the Headquarters Supply Room. A new guard must be purchased
to replace the old robot to resume its defending position against future
Hydrite attacks on the Complex.

Nukem is a radioactive creature that prospers in the wastelands by feeding
off of human flesh. Many of those that have encountered Nukem have not
lived to tell about it. Nukem is attracted to a repeating series of low
surface vibrations. A device to reproduce these vibrations, known as
Thumpers, are manufactured at the Complex. If you stumble upon an active
Thumper in the wastelands, mark its place and remind yourself not to
venture near the landmark again. Nukem is a mysterious creature and is
hard to track.

The weather in the wastelands is varied and extremely dangerous. A few
improvements in technology have allowed recruits to pass through these
storms with little damage, if they have the correct equipment. It is
advisable to stay clear of these storms at all possible times. The
witnessed weather types include a radiation storm, ice storm, electric
storm, high winds, cyclones, and the occasional sunny Sundays.

Hydrite Prison:
The Hydrites have constructed a huge Prison somewhere in the wastelands.
If the Complex is left unguarded, Hydrites will find their way inside and
snatch away recruits sleeping in the Barracks. The Hydrites drag these
unfortunate recruits back to their stronghold and keep them captive for up
to 7 days (some recruits are lucky enough to break free of the kidnapping
before the Hydrites can bring them through the Prison gates). Having
squadron members in this situation is an excellent advantage, as fellow
members can rescue them from the Prison. However, the task of releasing
prisoners is not easy. If you should succeed in freeing any hostages, the
reward is great!

It is rumored that Overkill lurks within the deeper levels of the maps.
A level 12 recruit has located him once, but dared not to engage combat
with him. Keep an eye out for this wicked Hydrite leader.


Bases Overhead:
Bases, much similar to the Complex layout, can be constructed in the
wastelands on safe terrain for an initial cost of 100,000 water crystals.

Base Main Hall:
Like the Complex's Main Hall, Bases also have a main hall that is a common
intersection which leads to the other areas of the Base. From here, you
may enter the B)arracks, C)ontrol Room, R)adio Room, S)torage Room, or the
T)echnical Center. To log-off, press the '*' key from Main Hall.

The Barracks, the main entrance to and from the wastelands, is a room
which all recruits take shelter. Here, they rest/sleep while not on-line.

Players can A)djust their specifications, which include the toggling
of Expert mode on/off, changing passwords, erasing their player,
toggling Ansi color on/off, setting combat delay speeds, and toggling
combat modes Action/Random.
C)heck Status views your character's status.

R)oster lists the players currently occupying the Base.

Players may U)se Equipment while stationed in Bases, but some
items are limited in use (ie: Aerial Scanner, Thumpers, etc).

V)iew Recruit prints out the status of another specified player if
they are in the Base. Once viewed, players have the option of
attacking the viewed player (battles occur outside the Base).

Players may enter the wastelands by pressing the W)astelands option.

To return to the Base Main Hall from the Barracks, press '*'.

Control Room:
The Control Room is command room for the Base owner and allows limited
access to Squadron Members if the Base is claimed for a Squadron.

C)onfiguring the Base allows players to change Base owners, change
the Base name, change the Base access code, upgrade shields, upgrade
defense guns, upgrading the Base structure, build a telepod, or to
claim/disclaim the Base as a Squadron Base.
If the owner wants to remove his/her Base from the wastelands, they
can activate the D)estruction of the Base. All items in Storage
are destroyed and any occupants inside are damaged heavily.

Owners may also E)xile Recruits from his/her Base (kicking them out
the door and leaving the exilee in the wastelands).

The L)og of Base Activity is similar to the Frontier Log of the Complex
but with more detail.

To return back to the Main Hall from the Control Room, press '*'.

Radio Room:
All incoming/outgoing/local communications are handled in the Radio Room.
Players may read E-Mail messages that are stored in the Complex by
using the 'E' command.

To view the log of the main Complex, use the F)rontier Log option here.

To write a message and send it to the Communications Post of the Complex,
press P)ost a message.

You may R)eceive messages from the Communications Post and read them.

Locally, you can S)end a message to any occupant of the Base.

To return to the Main Hall from the Radio Room, press '*'.

Storage Bins:
The Storage Bins can be used to place weapons, armor, suits, equipment,
or crystals for safe-keeping.
C)heck Status shows your player's status.

I)nventory of Storage displays the entire list of items in the Base
Storage Bins.

You may D)rop items into storage and also P)ick them back up.

To return to the Main Hall from the Storage Bins, press '*'.

Technical Center:
The Tech Center is the command room for small utilities that are accessible
in the Base.

The B)ase Range-Finder determines whether another location or telepod
is in range for teleportation to occur. It requires the X,Y,MapLevel
coordinates of desired location.

C)heck Status displays your character's current status.

The D)econtamination Chamber dissolves any radiation contamination
acquired in the wastelands. Squadron Members and Base Owners get access
to the Detox Chamber for free, while other occupants must pay a standard
to clean themselves of radiation.

The I)nformation Cabinet is a help file which explains in outline specific
topics of the game.

Much like a Trikorder, the S)can Area option displays the Base's
surrounding environment. The Zaxtron Accelerator defensive gun must
be purchased in order for the Base Scanner to work.

The T)eleport Transport option allows players to teleport from one
location to another. Teleportation requires 1500 crystals to recharge
the pod and the location to teleport to must be within range of the
telepod's maximum distance.


For Action Combat, the results of your character's battle relies on your
own actual skill. Your character's dexterity will help you in your ability
to be successful in Action Combat.

You will be given a target letter in the range of 'A', 'B', or 'C'.

A sequence of letters will be scrolling across your screen. The object is
to hit your spacebar when you think the target letter will appear in the
sequence. The sequence of letters will start with either "A","B", or "C"
and continue in that order. For example, you will see the following lines
print out during Action Combat:

Action Combat is not as hard as it is sounds, so don't give up trying!
If you do end up frustrated, there is an option inside the Complex to
practice your Action Combat skills without the threat of your character
perishing. In the Barracks, go to the Games Room. Here, you can select
SharpShooter to hone your skills and simulate Action Combat. Good luck!

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