Legend of the Red Dragon
LORD - Legend of the Red Dragon

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Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD) is a medieval text-based online role playing game that was very popular in the 90's and is one of the most enduring games ever written for online play. Seth Able's LORD has grown from the original single player door game to a full-blown, multiplayer attraction. Simpler and quicker to play than more involved MUD games, LORD still attracts a faithful following.

Create a character from three classes: Mage, Thief or Death Knight. Fight monsters in the Forest for experience and gold and get stronger day by day. The ultimate goal is to slay the dreaded Red Dragon, but your character must have enough strength and power. There's much to accomplish along the path to killing the dragon...

Special Abilities: It is to your advantage to attack players that are one or more levels higher than you. This allows you to use Mystical, Thievery, or Death Knight skills in a player fight. However, if you fight players of the same level or lower, you will not be able to use your class specific special abilities.

Fairies: Fairies caught by Thieves can be used to steal gold from the bank, which is especially useful at lower levels. Also, for any class, if you die in the forest with a fairy in hand, it will revive you fully restored with hitpoints! Fairies can also be used for the same purpose when attacking other players or the Red Dragon.

Player Fights: Player fights reward the most experience points and, possibly, the most gold compared to any other aspect of the game. Be sure to plan your attacks and who you fight as the defeat is costly on your own experience.

Level 11: is filled with the most potent and difficult monsters. Good strategy is to skip this level completely and jump from level 10 to level 12. There have been many players with a firm lead that have gotten stuck in level 11 and resulted in losing the game.

The Vulture: To aid in your speed to victory, press 'B' in the forest for instant bank deposits. A vulture will appear in the sky and snatch your gold from your hands! This saves you from running back and forth from the bank and forest to deposit gold.

Steeds: In the forest, when you come upon fairies and ask for a blessing, there is a good chance you will get a horse. The advantages of horseback riding are 20% more forest fights upon getting a horse and %20 more forest fights each day! Also, if a monster kills your horse, you will become so enraged as to instantly kill your opponent, even if you are near death.

The Bard: Whenever you visit Seth Able, the Bard, make sure you have all your gold deposited in the bank. There is a chance that the effects of the Bard's song to double your money in the bank! You will know it happened when, after you ask him to sing, you see 'Somewhere magic has happened!'

JENNIE: Learn the 'Jennie' codes! They can give you extra gold, forest fights, player fights and extra hitpoints.

How to use: You must be in 'High Spirits' and the Jennie codes can only be done in the forest. When in the forest, type 'jennie' (no quotes). The console will not echo back what you type, so be sure to do it right. Once the code is entered, you will be asked how to describe her. Below are the following possible answers:

LADY: $1000 times your present level

BABE: 1 extra forest fight

SEXY: 1 extra user fight

FOXY: 1 extra gem

HOTT: Temporarily recieve more hitpoints

GIFT: Replenishes your Mystical Skills use points

FAIR: Kills your flirt with Violet (or Seth) for the day

DUNG: Evidentally, you are turned into a frog and not turned back into a human until you apologize

UGLY: You are kicked out of the game and return with 1 hitpoint

DUMB: You are verbally abused and insulted

STAR: Nothing

NICE: Nothing

COOL: recieve 1 charm point if hitpoints are not full

DOLL: Nothing

Final Notes: These Jennie codes are tested for version 4.06. There are also other Jennie codes that do nothing and are therefore not listed. It is possible to use Jennie codes more than once in a single sitting, either through a LORD IGM or by visiting Olivia (visiting Olivia in the forest leaves you in High Spirits).

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Legend of the Red Dragon Color Codes

`1 dark blue `9 bright blue
`2 dark green `0 bright green
`3 dark cyan `! bright cyan
`4 dark red `@ bright red
`5 dark purple `# bright purple
`6 brown `$ yellow
`7 grey `% white
`8 is supposed to be dark grey, but it doesn't work in the current version!
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