DOS BBS Clients

If you're using DOS or DOSBox, that's awesome!

A DOS environment provides a truly authentic experience when connecting to BBSes. We've tested many BBS dialup clients in DOS and have learned that, unfortunately, many do not work very well today. Specifically, they don't properly render ANSI and either distort ANSI or spit garbage all over the screen. We want you to have a good experience on our BBS and using a good client is key.

We have tested the following DOS / Windows 3.1 clients:

  • Qmodem
  • Telix
  • Terminate
  • Procomm
  • Telemate
  • Acecomm
  • Digiterm
  • Wincomm
  • RIPtel
  • RIPterm

All but a couple of these clients have crippling problems rendering ANSI and cause screens to be distorted and/or fill the screen with garbage characters. For the DOS environment, please use Telemate 4.21 to connect to the Realm of Serion BBS for ANSI graphics or RIPterm 1.54 for RIP graphics.


If you're using Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 or 11 and would enjoy a DOS experience connecting to the BBS, please consider the following ready packed solution for running Telemate:

Download Telemate in DOS

or RIPterm:

Download RIPterm in DOS

Instructions: Extract the folder to the desired location and run the BAT file.

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