(BRE) Barren Realms Elite

Barren Realms Elite is a 25-player strategic war-game. The setting is in the future - nuclear destruction has spread throughout the planet, and now only a vast barren void exists. You, as a baron under a great king, must expand your barony throughout the planet, taking advantage of natural resources such as rivers and mountains to become the ultimate baron. This task is not easy though -- you must keep your population content, while maintaining a military large enough to defend your empire against other barons. You must balance size and strength, attack, trade with, and make alliances with other barons. Pirates throughout the planet will constantly plunder the great leaders -- making your job even harder.

Starting The Game

When you begin the Barren Realms Elite game for the first time after a reset, you are presented with a welcome screen, a few playing tips, and prompted for a name of your realm. This is essentially your player name throughout game play. Once you've entered a name that is valid, the BRE splash screen is displayed and you are presented with the main game menu. This menu consists of:

The current version of Barren Realms Elite that is running.

The date that the game began on (last reset).

Play Game

This option allows a player to begin playing their turns for the day. If they've already played some, the software picks up at the turn they left off on.

Playing Barren Realms

BRE is a game based on strategy and thought. As a baron in a vast kingdom, your goal is to, ultimately, become supreme to all others. Using everything from diplomacy to war, you must build an empire both economically and militarily, all while facing stiff competition from your opponents.

The best way of learning Barren Realms Elite is to experiment - visit different menus, try different options. Below, you will find basic information on how to get a good start and not crumble right away as well as information on some different topics not covered in any specific help section. We recommend after learning a little bit about the basics of this game, you come back and read the latter part of these instructions again, as they will make more sense once you understand the game.

The premier feature of the game is the ability to link over 200 systems throughout the world and bring anywhere up to more than 6,000 players together in a single game. No longer is your goal to become the strongest barony, but instead, the strongest world. Your BBS must come together, facing competition from other planets instead of local barons. Teamwork is the only way to win this type of war.

The Game Itself

Barren Realms Elite is divided into a series of menus which appear during each turn of play. The following are the major sections:


The art of diplomacy is a major factor in a successful empire. Defense pacts for local attacks (non-InterBBS) are vital for challenging and defeating larger enemies. Intelligence alliances can multiply the total power of Intelligence agencies. Trade agreements provide tanglible benefits in the form of extra cash - if you have a large population.

Status Screen

At the beginning of each turn, you will be shown your production for the year, including gold, food, and industrial output. After this, you will see the current status of your barony, including military, regions, your support throughout the realm, etc.

Payment/Food Market

Paying to maintain your empire is a critical expenditure for any government. You must support your military, maintain your land, and pay taxes. Often, you will also need to use money to increase your popular support or military morale, lest you risk civil disorder.
Feeding your empire is also critical. In order to ensure the health of your entire populace, the government controls all food supplies, providing to the people as necessary. To aid your empire, there is also a food market managed by the entire planet from which you can buy and sell food. However, the supply is limited, and dependence upon the market is dangerous. Coordinated attacks can destroy your reserves and the general market, leaving you in a dangerous situation. Without food, morale and public support will quickly fall and may lead to internal revolts.

Covert Operations

Covert Operations are the heart of any successful campaign. Attacking an empire requires only military supremacy. However, to successfully wage war and minimize damage, one must be able to strike at the heart of the enemy and remove the opponent's ability to fight back. Well timed and coordinated covert operations can immensely help in this task. By weakening an enemy internally, one takes less losses fighting externally.

The Bank

The bank provides both a safe storage of money and an interest-gaining environment. In addition, you can get cash relief loans from the planetary leadership as well as make investments for the future. Investments provide their own interest rates, which often fluctuate depending on the amount of investing at any particular time.

NOTE: Interest, Loans, and Investments are only accessible in the registered version of this game.

Spending Menu

The heart of your empire is centered upon having a strong defense and large amount of land. At this menu, you can buy and sell both, depending on the setup of the game. In many setups, the amount of military you can purchase is limited or even non-existant, in which case Industrial production is your primary or sole option (Industrial production is explained below).


The strength of an empire is often determined by its ability to wage war. The final blow in waging war is the actual combat between two militaries, and here is where you get that opportunity. All of the building and developing to create the most powerful empire is tested in war.


Trade between nations is a centerpiece of growth. In addition to helping those in need, many realms with specialized industries coming together and trading their goods can build a network of power unattainable individually. Besides normal trade between empires, you also can put items for sale on a general market at any price you choose.

Interplanetary Operations

In Interplanetary Games (Games setup to run between several BBSes) you experience the most exciting and challenging aspects of BRE. Instead of playing against up to 25 local players, you are now immersed into a universe filled with anywhere up to more than 6000 players scattered throughout the world. Instead of being a single entity, you are now part of your BBS, your team, working with them to become the most powerful BBS in the league.

Special Operations


Communication is often a centerpiece of cooperation, whether between individual empires or between planets. Use the messages to coordinate, plan, and organize your offenses, alliances, and general plans.

System Menu

The system menu is a special menu accessible from the Spending menu. It supports a variety of options that aren't accessed frequently, such as controlling the tax rate in your empire and setting industrial production levels. In addition, it allows you to access a variety of other menus such as the Covert Ops and Trading out of sequence. The Preferences submenu also allows you to normally skip a variety of menus that aren't used often. The option to abdicate will immediately delete your empire from the game so you may start over the next day. This menu is constantly changing in each version, so various options may appear as time goes by.

Barren Realms Elite is a game which has been designed to be simple to learn initially, but success is based a great deal on experience and cooperation. Much information has been left out of the documentation so that you can learn by experience rather than reading instructions. Used in InterBBS mode, BRE is a much more competitive and enjoyable game, requiring a great deal of cooperation and organization between players. We hope you enjoy the game, and good luck!