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Jessrond posted on Sep 25th 2022 at 9:50pm


I downloaded RIPTerm from the link on Serion's website but all it does is fail
to connect. Am I doing something wrong? I'm in DOSBOX 0.74-3.


By Jessrond on Sep 25th 2022 at 9:53pm

Nevermind I was suppposed to click on the batch file from Windows. Not load
directly from DOSBox.

By Booch on Sep 25th 2022 at 10:20pm

Yeah the batch file helps prepare DOSbox with networking capabilities and such.

Booch posted on Sep 25th 2022 at 3:51pm

Rip Updates To The Bbs - Lord Extreme Now Rip Capable

A few updates have been made to the BBS:
- The Most Popular Doors RIP screen has had a visual tweak
- The Last Online RIP screen has had a visual tweak
- Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD) Extreme is now RIP capable! The BBS will
automatically load the RIPscrip version when a RIP client is used.


By Glabrezuius on Sep 25th 2022 at 4:12pm

What is RIP? Is it like something within LORD itself or like an option for the
BBS or software we use to connect?

By Booch on Sep 26th 2022 at 2:11am

It's basically a vector graphic, mouse driven UI for BBSes.

RIP is a low bandwidth protocol designed for displaying vector graphics and UI
elements (like buttons).

RIP was designed to enhance BBSes by displaying vector drawn graphics.
Unfortunately, the Internet gained popularity shortly after RIP became
available, so it was not widely adopted and TeleGrafix (the company that
created RIPscrip) closed its doors afterward. But RIP lives on!

Booch posted on Sep 13th 2022 at 8:39pm

Congratulations To Jade For Winning Lord Extreme!

Alas, Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD) Extreme has been beaten. The townsfolk
rejoice! Dragons were dropping left and right and we'll have no shortage of
dragon meat for months!

Extreme LORD will be reset tonight at midnight, so technically Sept 14th.
Unlike Tournament LORD, Extreme has more forest fights and some fancy IGMs
added. If you enjoy Legend of the Red Dragon and would like to explore some
IGMs and get those sweet stat boosts, try it out!

Warning: there is one IGM that can possibly throw all stats wayyy in the
negative. If this happens, there is a stat fixer in a different IGM that can
flip those negative stats to positive. Some players try to deliberately get
those negative stats because, when they're put in the positive, the boost is

Good luck!

Booch posted on Sep 7th 2022 at 12:18pm

New Lord Legend Of The Red Dragon Playthrough Video Part 5!

One of our favorite members of the realm, Neonpeon, has uploaded part 5 of his
playthrough of LORD tournament!

You can view it here by copying and pasting this link into your browser:

If you haven't seen the previous parts of this series, here is the playlist:

Neonpeon hosts a channel on Youtube "Mark W and Rob Bob Present" where he plays
various classic computer games. He's fun to listen to and has many great tips
and tricks to improve your LORD game!


By Neonpeon on Sep 7th 2022 at 1:43pm

Thanks for the mention, Booch! I appreciate it. :)

By Glabrezuius on Sep 25th 2022 at 4:14pm

wait... this is exactly what I needed to learn more. Thank you for bringing
this to our attention. (even if I am late.) cheers ! -G

Booch posted on Aug 18th 2022 at 6:41pm

Bad Won Tournament Lord! Congratulations! Reset Mon Aug 22nd

They called him "Bad"... not much is known about him, other than that one day
he came from the northern region and had a really bad attitude and a taste for
red dragon steak on the grill.

You think the dragons would have learned by now to go to another town to find
livestock to munch on and stay out of Bad's way, but they keep coming back here
perhaps expecting a different outcome. Time and time again, the town has been
saved by a hero and for a good time, it's been Bad, a true legend of the realm.

The LORD Legend of the Red Dragon tournament is scheduled to be reset on
Monday, August 22nd. The first warrior to 3 dragon kills wins!

Booch posted on Aug 17th 2022 at 3:23am

Congratulations To Bobbyjw For Winning Extreme! Reset 12am.

Bobbyjw has beaten Extreme LORD, killing one dragon after another and saving
the townsfolk from an unpleasant end.

Extreme Legend of the Red Dragon will be reset at midnight tonight! Good luck
to all who jump in! There are some fun IGMs in Extreme, including a couple that
synergize with each other making crazy boosts in stats!

Niggles posted on Jul 16th 2022 at 11:10pm

New User. Not Sure Of My Way Around

Hi all.

I am new to this BBS server, and I am not sure what I am doing.

Any help?

I want to find friends and have an adventure!


By Damage Control on Jul 17th 2022 at 8:25pm

Hello! Welcome!

I've only been here about a month myself but I used to BBS back in the day. Are
you new to BBSs entirely or just this one?

Mostly I come here for the games.

Follow the prompts around to find the door games, specifically LORD. There are
two LORD games, a tounament with tight rules and another one that's a free for
all with all the bells n whistles.

My advice is to join both games and don't neglect having decent armor, and
deposit your winnings every few fights so you don't lose it if the unfortunate

-- Damage Control --

By Booch on Jul 20th 2022 at 5:20am

Hi Niggles!

I definitely echo what Damage Control said. Don't get overwhelmed by the amount
of options. Go to the Fighter's Guild and start playing LORD! LORD is a great
game and there are great people here to play with.

- Booch

Booch posted on Jul 12th 2022 at 2:17pm

Extreme Lord Beaten! Congratulations Baron! Reset Midnight.

Well done, Baron! You're a master of LORD, sweeping through Extreme again,
swiftly lopping the heads off of one dragon after another, haha!

Extreme will be reset at midnight with the new round starting on July 12th.

Good luck everyone!
- Booch

Booch posted on Jun 11th 2022 at 11:08pm

Congratulations To Baron Winning Extreme Lord! Reset Midnight

Well done Baron on winning Extreme LORD! 10 heroic feats is no small
accomplishment and he has won time and time again. Well done!

Extreme LORD will be reset tonight at midnight. Come join in on a LORD game
with some fun IGMs and extra forest fights! The IGMs in Extreme can be used to
significantly boost stats, enabling warriors to quickly level and advance.
There is a special synergy between two specific IGMs that can make a horrible
stat drop reverse into a tremendous stat gain!

Good luck!

Booch posted on Jun 10th 2022 at 3:17pm

Bad Has Won The Lord Tournament! New Starting On The 14th!

Congratulations to Bad for soundly defeating the Red Dragon and winning the
LORD Tournament! Congratulations!

The peasants rejoice, for at long last, they no longer have to travel to the
Tavern in fear of becoming the dragon's next lunch!

The next LORD Tournament will begin on June 14th. A new selection of prizes
will be selected and put up on the BBS website. Additionally, the heroic deeds
will be changed from 5 to 3. 5 is a quite a lot in a tournament style (non
modded) LORD game.

Thanks to everyone for playing LORD Tournament. LORD is a great BBS door game
and I love hosting it!

Jessrond posted on May 22nd 2022 at 12:59am

Bre Issue

I am having issues with BRE where it does not display the menus, might be a
game setting? I haven't memorized everything so I don't know what to type every


By Booch on May 23rd 2022 at 4:00am

Oh bummer! Which BRE is it? D.P. or B.L.? I'll look into it.

By Jessrond on May 24th 2022 at 7:12pm

It's Door Party.

By Booch on Jun 10th 2022 at 2:17am

I looked into this including creating a realm of my own. I didn't run into this
issue in BRE. All of the menus showed up for each section (diplomacy, industry,
bank, etc.). I also looked into any settings that could cause this, like expert
mode. I couldn't locate a setting, nor could I find anything online indicating
there is such a setting.

Does pressing '?' show the menu?

By Jessrond on Jun 30th 2022 at 6:52am

I figured out the issue. It's my updated Syncterm, I need to use 1.0.

Booch posted on May 10th 2022 at 6:35pm

Bbs Is Back Online

I'm happy to report that the issue causing the BBS to be slow and eventually
crash on boot has been resolved. It took a while to track down what was causing
the issue, but we finally did! Special thanks to cosysop KernelPanic for
jumping in and helping with the issue. Much appreciated!
- Booch


By Apophis on May 10th 2022 at 8:34pm

Thanks booch for keeping the bbs up :D

By Elderdrake on May 10th 2022 at 8:49pm

Thanks for all the work!

By Booch on May 11th 2022 at 1:56am

You're welcome! :D

By Dimmi on May 11th 2022 at 8:54am

Thank you!

By Jessrond on May 14th 2022 at 12:39am

Thank you :)

By Danoise on Jun 10th 2022 at 6:50pm

Very appreciative of what you do for us! Thank you!

Booch posted on May 9th 2022 at 8:51pm

Bbs Is Slow Following System Restart

I'm sorry to report that the BBS is currently running very slowly. This started
after a system reboot. We're currently working on the problem and hope to have
speed returned to the BBS as soon as possible.
Thanks for your patience!
- Booch

Booch posted on Apr 30th 2022 at 3:00pm

Extreme Defeated! Congratulations Baron!

Baron tore through one Red Dragon after another and defeated Extreme LORD!
Congratulations and well done!

Extreme will be reset Monday, May 2nd. If you haven't tried Extreme yet, you
should hop on in! Extreme LORD is quite a bit different than Tournament LORD. A
couple of the bigger differences is more forest fights and fun IGMs are

There is a cool synergy between a couple of the IGMs that can work together to
tremendously boost stats, giving you the ability to quickly pass levels and
defeat the dragon.

Good luck everyone!

Booch posted on Apr 15th 2022 at 4:34pm

Some Updates To The Bbs

I was able to get some time to update the Last Online RIP screen. There was one
part that just didn't look right and have it adjusted now.

I also updated the Telemate and RIPterm downloadables from the BBS website
( The EXE files used to launch the programs Windows has decided
were unsafe (even though they weren't). So, I changed them to BAT files. Now if
you download and unzip either ZIP file, they should extract and run fine now.

If you haven't checked out the BBS in RIP, you should! This BBS is one of two
in the world (as far as I know) that offer RIP graphics/menus. Each RIP screen
on the BBS, just like the ANSIs, have been hand drawn just for this BBS. They
haven't been ripped off from art packs - I'm proud of that!

Years ago when the BBS was online in the early 2000's, I ripped art from ANSI
art packs for the BBS screens and menus and didn't think much of it. The BBS
had been running for some time and eventually I received an unfriendly message
from ansichrist of ACiD about ripping ANSIs from artpacks and putting them on
the BBS. I thought about what he had to say and understood where he was coming
from. Even though the BBS was not making a profit from it, ultimately, the BBS
was using artwork without artists' permission and he had a big problem with
that. I now share his view.

When I brought the BBS back online in 2017, my first job was to replace all of
the artwork on the screens and menus with my own. It was a daunting task
because there are alot of screens and the ones I already had were very high
quality from talented artists. I was able to eventually get this accomplished
and even add my own RIP to the BBS. I'm pretty sure this is the only Synchronet
BBS that has full RIP support!


By Dimmi on Apr 22nd 2022 at 8:53am

Good job!

By Sublimeromeo on Apr 22nd 2022 at 3:00pm

Thank you!

By Arachne on Apr 25th 2022 at 2:45am

That's a daunting task I commend your effort.

By Booch on Apr 26th 2022 at 2:11am

Thanks! I just updated the downloads to show a better resolution.

By Kaelon on Apr 29th 2022 at 3:28am

Beautiful work! Definitely a reflection of your commitment to this craft.

Booch posted on Mar 30th 2022 at 2:43pm

Baron Won Extreme Lord! Congratulations!

Congratulations to Baron for tearing through Extreme LORD! Well done! Due to
travel the next couple of days, Extreme will be reset immediately today on the

Good luck everyone that joins in! Extreme is a great time since it offers a
bunch of forest fights and IGMs that can really boost stats!

Booch posted on Mar 4th 2022 at 2:28am

Congratulations To Bobbyjw For Winning Extreme!

Dragons are dropping left and right in Extreme! Bobbyjw blasted his way through
10 dragon kills and won!

We'll give everyone a proper chance to join the game and schedule a reset for
Saturday, March 5th!

A couple of things have been adjusted to make Extreme LORD what it is. First,
there's more forest fights. Second, IGMs are added. These IGMs are pretty
interesting in that there is a synergy between two of them that can result in
significant and crazy stats boosts!

Join in on the 5th and see what it's about!

Booch posted on Feb 28th 2022 at 4:50pm

Tournament Prize Review: Dungeon Mayhem

Dungeon Mayhem is a card game for 2 - 4 players where all players fight each
other with the goal to be the last one alive.

There are 4 characters to choose from: the Barbarian, the Wizard, the Paladin
and the Rogue. Each character has their own strengths and abilities, some
involving protecting or healing themselves, dealing alot of damage or even
stealing cards from other players and using their abilities.

Learning about each of the characters was fun and people quickly found a
favorite they liked to play.

There is some strategy with the game as well. Protecting yourself from attacks
is good, but should you play your other protection card(s) too and make
yourself a larger target to other players or keep that card hidden in your hand
for now until you need it? Should you blast a player out of the game or let
them live to potentially help you deal damage to another player?

The game is easy to learn and takes about 15 - 20 minutes to play. Though the
game isn't complex, I found it alot of fun to play and is one that will find
its way to the table frequently.

Booch posted on Feb 20th 2022 at 4:17am

Danoise Has Won The Lord Tournament! Well Done!

Greetings warriors!

Danoise has defeated Red Dragon, freeing the townspeople of fear and bringing
peace to the realm once again. Congratulations!

Once tournament details get sorted, a new tournament will begin. The Red dragon
may sleep, but not for long...

The new tournament begins Wednesday, the 23rd day of February.

Buttwheat posted on Feb 2nd 2022 at 4:10pm

There Is No " I " In Team. However, There Is Me !

B.R.E. If you want to bring down the top guy..all of us just have to attack
them non stop.
Eventually they get warn down.
Play 4 Yourself...but as a team.. to rebalance the server .

over and out.


By Mickey on Feb 2nd 2022 at 10:39pm

There is also "Meat". Take from that what you will.

By Jessrond on Feb 3rd 2022 at 9:02pm

I got bored of BRE.

By Booch on Feb 7th 2022 at 1:52am

Count me in!

By Yqrashawn on Feb 20th 2022 at 4:00pm


Booch posted on Jan 26th 2022 at 5:27pm

Extreme Lord Won! Fastest Run Ever! Congratulations, Baron!

Congratulations to Baron for winning Extreme LORD! This is the fastest I've
ever seen Extreme beaten - well done!

Extreme LORD will be reset tonight at midnight (technically the 27th).
Extreme has extra forest fights and other rule adjustments. Additionally, IGMs
are available. A couple of the IGMs can be used together to really boost how
quickly one can level up, gain wealth and boost stats.
Good luck everyone who joins!

Delrin posted on Jan 17th 2022 at 8:07pm

To Those Who Played Door Games Way Back When

What sort of baud rate were you using? Like during early LORD era for example.
I am new to BBSing and am just curious about the old irl experience. Thanks!


By Booch on Jan 18th 2022 at 3:00am

First modem was 2400 bps on an 8088 IBM with 10MB HDD. I have many great
memories connecting to local BBSes and playing LORD and a few other games...
also multinode chat with other users on multiline BBSes and, of course,
downloading files.

By Delrin on Jan 18th 2022 at 5:40pm

Thanks for the reply Booch! My first computer was an Apple IIe, with a 300 baud
Microcoupler but this was long past the BBS era. I mostly just played disk
games, but always remembered that some of the games had phone numbers at the
bottom of their title screen. I had no clue about BBS' at the time, and only a
few years later got a PC with dialup internet. The Apple was soon forgotten.
Only now do I realize what the Microcoupler and numbers were for! I am
enjoying these old games, so thank you for hosting this board!


By Rex on Jan 20th 2022 at 1:21am

You're welcome! It's my pleasure. I was young when BBSes were popular so almost
all of the BBSes I logged on to were local to my area. I don't recall calling
any BBSes long distance. Eventually, the computer was upgraded to a 386 with
more RAM, a larger HDD and a color monitor. I remember walking into the store
and purchasing a box copy of Windows 3.1! All the while, I still called up
BBSes daily.

By Jessrond on Jan 20th 2022 at 7:28pm

My first memory was a 1200 Baud modem with my dad trying to download games and
it turned out we needed a 2400 Baud modem to download them. And then LORD and
BRE a few years later.

By Delrin on Jan 20th 2022 at 8:41pm

That's really neat guys. I inherited a 386 laptop with windows 3.1 in the late
90s for school work. Classmates and staff acted like I was odd for using it
back then in class. Way easier than writing by hand, and had fun with the many
games I put on it. It had a modem, but I am not sure of its rate. Could never
get it to connect to the internet through IE. I wonder if there were still
BBS's around in my area at the time. I found a list online recently of old
numbers from the 90s, but my area of was unavailable. Considering I lived
rural, I imagine there were still a few in operation. Thanks for the replies.
I shall now set my output rate in SyncTERM to 2400 and pretend it's the 90's
again, lol.


By Neonpeon on Feb 12th 2022 at 4:34am

When I was a little tike, my family had a 300 baud acoustic modem for Atari
800, which if you aren't familiar, is a modem that requires that you physically
place your phone handset on it to transfer the data as sound that goes over the
air (albeit a small amount of air I suppose).

But by the time I started playing door games myself on a BBS as a teen in the
early 90s, I had a 2400 baud modem. The Pit was my first love in the door game
world, but later LORD would become my favorite. Later I'd get a 14.4k modem
which felt like a great leap forward, and eventually a 33.6k which was my last
dialup modem.

Booch posted on Jan 17th 2022 at 5:32am

Planets Teos Reset! Congratulations Funog!

Planets has been reset! Congratulations to Funog for conquering and ruling the
solar system!

Good luck everyone!


By Funog on Jan 23rd 2022 at 9:01am

thanks ^^ I'm back for the next round1!
bank account maximum hasn't been increased this time? 500k is ridiculously
small, at least a few millions would be nice ^^

The Beast posted on Jan 8th 2022 at 4:38pm

Wisdom Comes With Age, But Sometimes Age Comes Alone !

Same story as always. You would think as we progress, we would somehow grow.
It sometimes does not seem so evident though.


By Booch on Jan 8th 2022 at 10:48pm

That's an interesting sentiment. The world has plenty of fools. I hope I am not
and don't become one of them!

By Jessrond on Jan 15th 2022 at 11:42am

I was 30 at 14 and now I'm 17 at 36.

Booch posted on Jan 5th 2022 at 1:50am

Baron Has Beaten Extreme Lord! Congratulations! Reset Coming

Baron has vanquished the Red Dragon time and again. Finally, that thing will
stay down, at least, for a little while. The townsfolk rejoice!

Congratulations, Baron!

Extreme LORD is scheduled to be reset on Friday, January 7th. If you'll be new
to Extreme, be sure to take advantage of the IGMs!

Jessrond posted on Dec 24th 2021 at 9:20am

Ore Mines In Ambroshia

Does anyone know the point of the ore mines in Ambroshia? They cost a billion
dollars and give a 5% return when the next lowest investments give 20%? Is it a
typo or just a trap?


By Kenderwolf on Dec 24th 2021 at 11:19am

IIRC they are based off the original exitilus ver 2 so they take less damage
when other kingdoms attack yours, and they also sell for a better percentage
when you have to cash out.

Booch posted on Dec 17th 2021 at 2:44pm

Beating Usurper: What To Do

The Supreme Being can be tough to beat. It can be really tough. Most of the
time, hitpoints alone won't be enough to defeat it.

I will share what has worked for me personally, but if anyone else has further
advice, please share in the comments!

First of all, as far as which door to choose, I don't know. I've had success
with light as each time the being is fought, it will grant HP.

Second, and most importantly in my opinion, bank health potions. If you're
having trouble defeating the Supreme Being, don't fight it and wait until
you've banked at least 10000 potions. If I recall correctly, I've had to bank
at least twice that at times. The best way I've found to get a bunch of health
potions is to get a White Water Massage at the Gym. The second best way I've
found is to go to the Dormatory and steal health potions from NPC characters.
There are also other ways of getting health potions.

Third, good weapon and armor helps. I have always had Last Blade (the most
powerful weapon in the game) armed as well as the best armor items I could buy
or find (rarely) in the dungeon.

Good luck!


By Jessrond on Dec 17th 2021 at 5:36pm

Thanks for the tips. I am behind on the weapon for now.

By Jessrond on Dec 27th 2021 at 4:21am

How do I save potions? They keep resetting to zero.

By Booch on Dec 31st 2021 at 4:39pm

After getting potions, don't fight the Supreme Being.

By Jessrond on Jan 1st 2022 at 9:00pm

I lost mine from last night today and did not fight the Suprme Being.

By Booch on Jan 3rd 2022 at 1:28am

Odd... do they get stolen or something? I've banked health potions a few times
when needing to fight the Supreme Being... can't think of another reason,
offhand, that would cause that to happen.

By Jessrond on Jan 3rd 2022 at 10:28pm

I lost all 800 again. Might be a bug, the game can be buggy.

By Rex on Jan 4th 2022 at 1:57am

I'll msg the developer and let him know this is happening. Sorry for the

By Danoise on Feb 20th 2022 at 4:47am

Hi Jess -- was this ever resolved? (Hope all is well -- it was long ago, but we used to chat in the Nuklear webhcat.)

Booch posted on Dec 3rd 2021 at 11:19pm

A New Exitilus Has Arrived...

Greetings warriors,

Exitilus 2.05 is now available in the Fighter's Guild! 2.05 was the last
version published by the original author Tao Ge. He later sold the game to ECI
Software, which published later versions of the game.

The Realm of Serion has been running version 3.17 for many years and,
currently, is still an option in the Fighter's Guild. For a little while, we
switched to 3.20, but the nasty bug that resets players reared its head too
many times, so we switched back to 3.17.

I do not have much experience with 2.05, but I understand it is, oddly, a more
feature complete game than later versions (I have read that ECI software
decided to completely rewrite the game after acquiring it).

Please enjoy this new option in the Fighter's Guild! Good luck!

- Booch


By Jessrond on Dec 4th 2021 at 6:15am

Is DoorMud gone for good?

By Booch on Dec 4th 2021 at 3:54pm

Hello! It didn't look like anyone was playing it. I could be wrong :)
Should I make it available again?

By Booch on Dec 4th 2021 at 3:57pm

There's room in the Mage's Guild. I'll move DoorMUD over there. Sorry for the
confusion :)

By Jessrond on Dec 6th 2021 at 5:50am

I played it for a couple weeks but not for a while now.

By Madgenius on Jan 4th 2022 at 3:04am

is anyone playing?

By Booch on Jan 16th 2022 at 3:46am

Yes, the game is active :)

Booch posted on Nov 22nd 2021 at 9:14pm

Ddos Attacks


Sorry for anyone that has had trouble connecting. There have been some DDOS
attacks that have forced all nodes to be constantly occupied. I've been
applying filters as this has happened from time to time. Looks like we should
be fine for now!
- Booch

Booch posted on Nov 11th 2021 at 3:54pm

Lord Tournament Begins November 12th!

At least, for a short time, the peasants were able to enjoy peace. But, alas,
it was very short lived. The red dragon is on the prowl again. There have been
many sightings to the north and an entire caravan has gone missing. The worst
is feared.

One adjustment has been made to the tournament. 5 heroic deeds (dragon kills)
are needed to win. We hope you all enjoy this experience with LORD with special
settings to help ensure a fair game.

Good luck! Tournament starts the 12th!


By Booch on Nov 11th 2021 at 4:06pm

Some of the special settings include:

No bank trades. This is set to discourage teaming up against other players
No IGMs. They can often unbalance the game, offering rewards that are too
1 player fight per day. This is set to help give other players a chance to
fight players. However, there is more than one way to get additional player
fights in the game.

By Rex on Nov 12th 2021 at 6:07am

It's started! Good luck all!

By Weauky on Nov 12th 2021 at 8:38am

how dhow dare you. black people are the tool tho maintain racisim.

By Jessrond on Nov 15th 2021 at 10:16pm

Other than Barak's House, I don't really like the IGMs. No IGMs is better
overall. That's what I'm used to from Nuklear and

Rex posted on Nov 9th 2021 at 1:06am

Congratulations, Danoise On Winning Lord Tournament!

Prizes and new start date to be announced. Awesome job, Danoise! Well done!
The new LORD tournament should begin within 7 days. Nice job everyone!


By Booch on Nov 9th 2021 at 9:44pm

Also, well done Jessrond on the rank up! Jessrond is now a Veteran of the

By Weauky on Nov 12th 2021 at 8:39am

how dare you
how deare you

By Jessrond on Nov 13th 2021 at 4:57am

Thank you! It was fun.

Booch posted on Nov 8th 2021 at 2:55pm

Extreme Lord Reset Rescheduled For The 10th - Travel Issues

Hello warriors!

Extreme LORD reset has been rescheduled for the 10th. I had to travel out of
state last week and that interfered with the reset. I apologize for any
confusion or frustration this may have caused. We'll get Exreme reset soon and
be back at it!

- Booch


By Booch on Nov 10th 2021 at 6:04am

Extreme is reset! Good luck!

Booch posted on Nov 4th 2021 at 2:28am

Baron Won Extreme Lord?! Already? Unreal. Reset On The 5th.

Congratulations Baron for winning Extreme LORD! This is a new record. I've
never see Extreme beaten in under a month. That's just crazy. Well done, Baron!

So... unless anyone says differently, I don't plan on making IGM changes this
time around. It's all in the IGM synergy and a bit of luck.

Extreme will be reset on the 5th! Good luck everyone!


By Jessrond on Nov 8th 2021 at 4:53am

When is the reset?

By Booch on Nov 8th 2021 at 2:50pm

Hi Jessrond, I had to travel out of state and wasn't able to reset Extreme.
I'll post another bulletin about resetting Extreme LORD soon. Thanks for your

Jessrond posted on Oct 27th 2021 at 6:31am

Stuck Online In Usurper

My character "Ceto" is stuck online in Usurper because I had to drop connecting
when something weird happened. I think I copy-pasted something into the game
and it kept spamming commands and wouldn't stop.

Could you please kick me off so I can play?


By Booch on Oct 28th 2021 at 4:04am

Sorry for the trouble. It should work now. Let me know if there are any other
issues. Thanks!

Booch posted on Oct 9th 2021 at 4:01am

Extreme Lord Won By Bobbyjw! Reset On Sunday, Oct 10th!

Congratulations to Bobbyjw who has beaten Extreme LORD! The townsfolk are safe
once again.

Prepare yourselves, Extreme will be reset on Sunday, Oct 10th!


By Jessrond on Oct 21st 2021 at 6:15am

Not a huge fan of Extreme Lord. Too many FF and a lot of the IGMs I don't
understand so I'm at a huge disadvantage. I usually just do Changeling and
Barak. I see people with custom weapons that insta-kill. :(

By Rex on Oct 22nd 2021 at 11:41pm

Jessrond - indeed there's some tricks and synergy with the IGMs. I can pull
down the Forest Fight numbers if people think 50 is too many. It used to be 99!
Boy did that take a while to do, haha!