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RESET OCT 1ST, 2019: And the story begins...

Two shady characters occupying a corner table in the Orc Blood Tavern
exchange their ideas regarding a sinister plan...
"What have we to lose?!", said Noth. "Our lives for one!", exclaimed Ragon,
"We would need at least TEN men to do this and we are only two! What we need
(written by Booch)
is to do some serious recruitment. Maybe we could get Slim to help us- he'll
do anything to make some money." Noth paused, then jokingly replied, "well
at least that idea is better than last year's when you wanted to post fliers
(written by Canola)
around town for recruitment." But I think a better idea would be to
(written by Canola)
get ourselves a Cave Troll!". Noth leaned back and grinned, happy with his
idea. Ragon smiled, "A cave troll... yes, those brutes would do anything for
a price. The trick is staying on their good side lest we become victims
ourselves." Pondering, Noth replied, "Now all we have to do is find one."
(written by Booch)
Ragon then remembered, "There's this guy in town who sells cave trolls as
pets!" Noth replied, "Pets? Cave trolls are thinking, reasoning, speaking
creatures and are not animals! We must stop this slave trade at once!"
"The Troll Trade is a big business," said Ragon sadly. "Kingdoms have
(written by Redblade7)
repeatedly tried to shut this industry down, but it is way too powerful
and uses money to get whatever it wants."
(written by Redblade7)
Noth leaned back in his chair, crossed his arms and looked solemnly down at
the table. Deep in thought for several moments, he let out a dramatic sigh.
"Well," he said, clapping his hands on his knees and rising from his chair,
"we'd best be on our way if we're going to get through Direwood by dawn."
(written by Zephyr)
Ragon stood with the grace of a drunken Grublet and gruffly reminded Noth,
"It's your turn." With an exaggerated roll of his pale eyes, Noth reached
into his pocket, retrieved the three bronze pieces and slammed them onto
the worn oak table. Waving to the barmaid and clapping Ragon on the back,
(written by Zephyr)
he lead the way out the door and into the crisp Autumn air.
It had been mere hours since Noth was out back of the Orc Blood Tavern,
rummaging through the remnants left by the prior occupant of the outhouse.
He knew well the tendancy of drunkards to lose their valuable trinkets when
(written by Zephyr)
at their most vulernarable. It was then that he found it; the key to his
plan. The plan that would bring he and Ragon out of the shadows and into a
life of ease and luxury. Not like all his other grand schemes...
(written by Zephyr)
"Hey Ragon. I don't think we'll need a cave troll when we've got one of
these!" With a big smile on his face, Noth raised a glowing potion above his
head. "Do you see the inscription?", Noth asked.
(written by Booch)
"I see it Noth." mumbled Ragon, "But I still don't know how that is going to
help us. What does it even mean? 'Third Eye' I hope you can get your
money back. We don't need some mysterious potion. What we really need is
(written by Uncle Porkchop)
that cave troll! Now come on!" "Wait!" Noth said as he pops open
the potion. "Put a drop of this on your tongue and YOU'LL SEE what this
potion can do!" Ragon turns, "Alright..." and snatches the potion from Noth.
"This had better not be another one of your tricks", Ragon says as he raises
(written by Booch)
the potion to his lips, and takes a deep swig. Suddenly he body starts to
shake, and he groans. He has the worst headache of his life, and sees bright
lights flash before him. He looks at Noth, whose mouth is hanging open, his
(written by Enkidu)
sword dropping out of his hands. "Ra ra ragon! There's an eye on the back of
your head!" Ragon realized he could now see behind himself, with full 360
degree vision!
(written by Enkidu)